Recommendations – Steampunk

As promised, there will be recommendations! The first batch is from the Steampunk panel with Cheryl and Amal! (Some of these weren’t explicitly mentioned in the panel, but you should read them anyway!)

The Anubis Gates – Tim Powers
Warlord of the Air – Michael Moorcock
Girl Genius – Phil & Kaja Foglio
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Alan Moore
The Steampunk Bible – Ann & Jeff Vandermeer & Selina Chambers
Everfair – Nisi Shawl
Buffalo Soldier – Maurice Broaddus
The Black God’s Drums – P. Djeli Clark
The Haunting of Tramcar 015 – P Djeli Clark
Clockwork Cairo – anthology edited by Matthew Bright
Steampunk – anthology edited by Ann VanderMeer
Steampunk Reloaded – anthology edited by Ann VanderMeer
Steampunk Revolutions – anthology edited by Ann VanderMeer
Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion – anthology edited by Joanne Hall & Roz
Karen Memory – Elizabeth Bear
The Clockwork Century series – Cherie Priest
Pimp My Airship – Maurice Broaddus