Thank you!

It is already Monday and those fabulous five days of Åcon X are slowly turning into history, but the memories we have made shall hopefully live forever. This was an absolutely brilliant way to celebrate our tenth convention, shaped better by all of YOU who came and turned it into something special. Thank you!

We’ll be adding various recommendations lists and (hopefully!) con reports/pictures as they will appear. These should also be found from social media sites. In the meantime: take it easy and rest, since this was one helluva five-day-event.

And get ready to planning your trip to Åcon 11 in 2020. The wheels have been set in motion and while the pace at the moment might be more glacial than that of a speeding locomotive, those wheels are a-rollin’. We want to thank for all the suggestions and ideas at the fluffy gripe session, everything was jotted down and plans of action were made during the ferry trip back to mainland Finland.