Nearly there!

We’re less than two weeks away from ÅconX and things are heating up. Programming is being worked on meticulously and other knick-knacks are being looked upon with steady eyes and all other sensory organs equipped to deal with these issues. Or so I’m told.

The final touches to various excursion opportunities have been done and the various and sundry can be found from our Holvi webshop. Take a looksee and reserve your place in the sun! And what utter delights have we planned for this time? How about a lovely brewery?

Open Water Brewery was founded in 2016 by some friends who shared a passion for craft beer. Their first beer, Lazy IPA, was released in February 2017, and since then they have expanded their line quite a bit. Today the brewery offers among other things a sparkling dry mead, an imperial stout and honest-to-deities cider. On this excursion, you get to taste some of the best brews the islands can offer, and if you like them, you can buy an assortment to take home!

Or some medieval churches?

The excursion takes you (by bus) to the two most impressive medieval churches in Aland, St Olav’s in Jomala and St John the Baptist’s in Sund. The church in Jomala is the largest of the Alandic churches, and the interior, although partially modernized, boasts several impressive frescoes and wooden sculptures. The church in Sund is unique with its two naves, separated by a row of impressive pillars, a 15th century triptych, an unusually large votive painting and a limestone cross with a mysterious rune inscription.

Bus to Jomala and Sund leaves from the hotel at 10.00AM Friday morning and will be back by 1.30PM the latest. Which makes it possible to have a Double-Whammy, since the transport to Open Waters brewery leaves about 1.40PM in order to get to the location by 2.00PM.

See you soon!