Åcon X in Ålandstidningen

Ålandstidningen (one of the two lokal newspapers) interviewed our GoH and some members on Saturday and run almost a whole spread in the paper on Monday after the con. Here, by kind permission of Ålandstidningen is a pdf of the Åcon story. Åcon X in Ålandstidningen June 3rd 2019 (pdf)

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Recommendations – more recommendations!

And here are recommendations from the Speculative poetry -panel, as well as book recommendations & other recommendations sessions. Speculative poetry Magazines Strange Horizons Fireside Uncanny Liminality Goblin Fruit Stone Telling Poets Rose Lemberg, Neile Graham, Brandon O’Brien, Hester J. Rook, Margaret Wack, Carol Ann Duffy, Mary Oliver, Sofia Samatar, Billy-Ray Belcourt ** Novels Sam J… Continue reading Recommendations – more recommendations!

Thank you!

It is already Monday and those fabulous five days of Åcon X are slowly turning into history, but the memories we have made shall hopefully live forever. This was an absolutely brilliant way to celebrate our tenth convention, shaped better by all of YOU who came and turned it into something special. Thank you! We'll… Continue reading Thank you!

Nearly there!

We're less than two weeks away from ÅconX and things are heating up. Programming is being worked on meticulously and other knick-knacks are being looked upon with steady eyes and all other sensory organs equipped to deal with these issues. Or so I'm told. The final touches to various excursion opportunities have been done and… Continue reading Nearly there!


Helous World! We are now officially 50+ strong and while not the largest Åcon gathering to date, we're certainly going to be the most international one so far. If we'd count Åland as a separate entity, we'd be cracking two digits with the countries of origin for our members! How cool is that for a… Continue reading Excursions!